We think you’re gonna like this particular round up of memes, because they’re gonna speak directly to your soul. They contain universal truths about you, me, and all of is; truths that are expressed in the way that only memes can pull off.

Here are 10 things we all feel deeply, illustrated by the internets.

10. We don’t need an excuse to drink

It’s all going the same place.

9. We’re not meant to live outside of bed

Why is the rest of the world so uncomfortable by comparison?

8. We live to binge

Sleep is for the weak.

7. We give up easily

Your mileage may vary.

6. We know it’s the thought that counts

We can hang in our dreams.

5. We’re uncomfortable

I, too, am a sad sack.

4. We’ll never take more than one trip

To do so would be to bring dishonor upon our family name.

3. We don’t know what those blinking lights mean

We’ll see who breaks down first, me or the car.

2. We all know true terror

Sorry, should have probably put a trigger warning on this.

1. We’ll never understand our parents

Are you planning on giving your adult friends a tour of my closet, mom?

We hope these memes have made you feel seen, and given you the confidence and tools to go out into the world and proclaim your own truths. Amen, memes. Amen.

What’s the most relatable thing you’ve seen on the internet lately?

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