I’m not sure how the “when you…” relatable meme format was invented (discovered? developed in a lab?), but I am a sucker for it.

There’s the usual observations about experiences we all talk about a lot, but then there are the jokes about things you probably didn’t even realize you experienced them until some internet stranger married text to image in an avant-garde piece of psychological insight.

Here are 10 examples of stuff I didn’t even know that I knew before a meme brought it to my attention.

10. That fierce protection of your territory

9. That harsh double standard

8. That loss of verbal skills

7. That feeling of “expectappointment”

6. That plausible fridge deniability

5. That need to greet the bovines

4. That sudden mistrust in your friends

3. That on-the-edge feeling

2. That overdue validation

1. That sweet little lie

I need someone to make a meme with the caption “when you find a good ‘when you’ meme and your perception of reality changes”

Can anybody make that for me? What image would you use?

Let’s blow each others minds in the comments.