Stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and have a look at these memes.

Why am I so insistent? It’s because I’m pretty sure that what we’ve got for you here is more interesting than whatever you were scrolling around doing/procrastinating doing before. What we’ve got here are 10 great memes.

You know, memes? Those weird pictures that make you laugh that are usually impossible to explain to your mom? AKA the absolute pinnacle of human achievement in art? Yeah, those. We got those. And you should absolutely take a minute away from whatever it is you weren’t really doing and check ’em out.

Here, in no particular order except the one we put them in, are the top 10 memes on this page.

10. One finger salute

It’s safer and more honest; it’s a win/win.

9. Other fish to fry

Yeah, but how many quotation marks should be around the word “””official”””?

8. Son of the mask

“Gotta go to the bank, better remember my mask.” is a thought I’d never have predicted.

7. The ancient texts

I’ve never understood people who will commit the time to writing this small but not just studying.

6. You put the “lie” in “lysol”

Is this not what you meant when you told me to clean up my act?

5. Sound the alarm

Look, it’s totally a joke, unless it’s not.

4. Simulation theory

If you could go ahead and stop destroying humanity for fun, that would be great.

3. The golden rules

True story, I once ate at Golden Corral in the middle of a road trip and it was the worst mistake of my life.

2. Rocket man

Why does every rich guy suddenly thing they can go to space?

1. Careful, friend

Your hubris may become your undoing.

What can we say except you’re welcome? Those are 10 quality memes right there. You may now return to whatever it is you were doing, safe in the knowledge that at the very least, you got a decent dose of meme-ing in today.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

Tell us in the comments.