Relationships are hard, but guess what? Any time you get two people trying to live and eat and work and raise kids together in a confined space, while somehow still loving each other like sexy human beings, they’re also pretty darn funny.

These 10 tweets totally prove it, so we hope they’re good for a few laughs!

10. Why is this so real, though?

I’m starting to think queer people are onto something.

9. You guys I am married and this is the perfect tweet.

RIP everyone who was going to spend their early 20s traveling.

8. Here all this time you thought you wanted to be a Disney princess.

But now you see they have their own troubles.

7. One day our kids will ask us what this lyric meant.

Please, don’t let this be prophetic.

6. Was there laughter or impressed silence?

I think we all know the answer to that.

5. These two are clearly a match made in heaven.

When you find the one, you just know.

4. We’ve all got a bit too much time on our hands.

And yet, this meme never really gets old.

3. There are never any winners in this game.

Except the divorce attorneys.

2. Barney is never a good idea.

You can put that one down in stone.

1. And getting thinner all the time.

I’m not saying… but yeah, we’re kind of saying.

It’s just nice to know that we’re all in this together, don’t you think? Life is so weird!

Which one of these did you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments!