Dain Yoon is a New York City based makeup artist whose title doesn’t quite do her justice. It’s more like she’s a painter who uses people as her canvas. And she’s been getting quite a lot of attention for her striking creations in the vein.

With over 600 thousand Instagram followers at the time of writing and a ton of press piling up, it’s safe to say people are really taking notice of her striking and often mind-bending visual creations.

Strap in, here are just 10 that will blow you away.

10. Lady Liberty

This one is actually relatively simple compared to some of the others on the list, but then you notice the cloud formations.

9. Yin and Yang

I’d say this one is smokin’ in more ways than one.

8. Stained Glass

This is shattering my face as well.

7. Tile Style

When you just gotta take camouflage to the next level.

6. Mirror Ball

This really messes with your sense of perspective.

5. Color Pallet

I think Bob Ross would be instantly in love.

4. Classic Car

Driving through the spooky woods. The spooky woods that is your face.

3. Inner Layers

Can’t tell if mesmerizingly beautiful or absolutely horrifying.

2. The Afterlife

I don’t remember a giant pumpkin man in the Bible. I should go revisit that.

1. Get Your Kicks

Now THAT is how you do a brand deal.

Pretty astonishing stuff. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for way, way more.

Which one would you want to wear for a day?

Tell us in the comments.