If you told me that my life depended on distilling my generation down to one simple phrase I might come up with something like “nihilistically nostalgic.”

In fact, maybe I wouldn’t even need to say the phrase, maybe it would be better to just pull up the Instagram account @bubblepunk, where one very talented graphic designer creates NSFW, raging, despairing, and ironic content using the templates of decades past as inspiration.

I don’t know how to describe what it’s like scrolling through these, honestly. You just gotta look for yourself.

10. A nice touch

The slogan is what really make this one.


9. Let’s get toasty!

Just drop in and get a shock!


8. Let’s get librated!

Yeah, there are a lot on this theme.

7. Call me a cab?

What’s weird is how genuinely excited just the general vibe of this box made me feel.


6. Live on

It’s the only viable path to immortality.

5. Do your duty

Where no one can judge or come in.


4. The rating

I love this, I want it to be my wallpaper.


3. Messing up

Regret is another theme that comes up a lot.

2. Soon…

We’re on our way, lord.


1. Pill time!

I’m not sure those are gonna be as fun as you might expect them to be, but go nuts I guess.


It’s eerie, right? The combination of things you feel after looking at those? Kinda want to shake it off. Kinda want to go look at more.

Which one is your favorite, and why?

Tell us in the comments.