Singlehood is much maligned and bemoaned in general, but it’s really not all bad.

There are lots of advantages to being on your own – for instance, when I make myself my terrible food, I’m the only one who has to suffer for it and nobody judges me except me, and I’m pretty forgiving.

But the list doesn’t end there, because that’s only one thing and wouldn’t constitute a list. There’s a lot more that people out there enjoy. Let’s get some guys’ takes on why the single life might just be the single best one.

10. Crashing into bed

When you’re having a hard time getting rest, having to worry about someone else can make it a nightmare.

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9. Decisions, decisions

I’m just gonna go ahead and do whatever I feel, yo.

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8. The peace

It can be a real load off your mind.

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7. 110%

Oh that’s right, I’m a person as well.

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6. Money money money

Well, when you put it like that.

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5. Expectations

If you lower the bar far enough, it’ll always be cleared, I guess?

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4. King me!

Plus you can jump on it and the only person who will be mad is your downstairs neighbor.

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3. Party time

What I do have is a specific set of skills.

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2. The chef’s special

Do you eat food, though? Like, you still eat right?

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1. Nobody’s cheating

Dang son, how many times has that happened to you?

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Single or taken, it’s all about what works for you.

What do you think the best part about being single is?

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