Are you bored? I mean, probably. You clicked on this link after all. And for that, you won’t be sorry. ‘Cause we’ve got memes about being bored that you can look at while you’re bored so you won’t be bored anymore by thinking about boredom in a non-boring way. That makes sense, right?

While we’re trying to figure out what we what just said, you should sit back and enjoy these 10 memes about being bored. They’re the most exciting thing you’ll do today.

10. It’s a twister!

To be fair, this is the extent of my artistic ability.

9. No touchy

Please love me from a distance.

8. True commitment

No, please, tell me about this exact same product for the 75th time today.

7. A paradox

Is this Schrodinger’s cat?

6. Bangin’

Don’t try it. No matter how tempting it gets. Resist.

5. Pickin’ fights

Pointing out how wrong you are makes me feel alive.

4. Air walk

It’s the closest I’ve come to exercise in a week.

3. Stay with me

I’m tired of talking to myself.

2. It’s going great

No news is good news?

1. Curb your enthusiasm

Can’t even be bothered to bat at the ball.

It’s been said that there is no such thing as boredom, only boring people. Whomever said this has clearly never been stuck inside their house with slow internet for a week. Wear your boredom proudly. Apologize to no one.

What have you done out of boredom lately?

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