We’ve covered a lot of feel-good memes on this site, and look, there’s no denying, those have their place. But every once in a while, ya gotta go for the darker stuff.

Not the disgustingly dark, but, yanno, the just-a-little-satisfyingly-painful bits of internet.

Here are 15 darkly dank memes you can put in your eyes today to see if you still feel things.

15. Categorical error

Who…who put this here?

14. Consolation prize

I can’t tell if this is really nice or weirdly cruel.

13. False advertising

Way to get my hopes up, Garnier.

12. Do not collect $200

Yeah this is um…this is kind of the effect of the unregulated capitalism the original monopoly warned about.

11. Bad education

Setting me up for a lifetime of disappointment.

10. Fate accepted

OK now we’re getting a little too close to incel territory, we need to take a turn here.

9. Professional behavior

Thanks for the reminder, corporate overlord mirror.

8. Self-roast

It’s all coming back to me now.

7. The last ride

This hits on too many levels.

6. Take the plunge

I have multiple questions and I’m not sure I want any of them answered.

5. Mood swing

Nope. Not gonna cry. No way I’m crying at a Facebook meme. No sir.

4. Cringe factory

Josh. Buddy. No.

3. Beef & bacon

Nobody show this meme to PETA, please.

2. Get your shirt together

This is awfully judgmental for a clothing tag.

1. Self-improvement

I admire their honesty.

Yeah, those hurt so good. It’s invigorating. Nothing like some EDGY MEMES™ to make ya truly feel alive.

What’s your favorite dark joke?

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