The great thing about Twitter is that it just never ends.

Every day there are just endless piles of tweets cascading down our internets, and if you reach your hand in for a minute, you’re bound to catch something hilarious and brand new. Like one of these!

Here are ten randomly funny tweets you might not have caught yet.

10. Break it off

Technically every time I blink is a tiny vacation away from social media, that counts right?

9. Movie magic

When you’re not cold but you need to feel the warmth anyway.

8. Tangled webs we weave

Get this kid at job at the New York Times.

7. Highly suspicious

And you’re tweeting about this in advance? Iiiiiinteresting.

6. Killer instincts

I have a joke about airplanes but it would go right over your head.

5. Rudest cube

Gotta find that sweet spot between icy tundra and boiling river of lava.

4. Pep in your step

But apparently that’s considered “assault” and it’s “illegal.” I hate it here.

3. Food for thought

Ah yes, the four deadly sins.

2. Snack attack

Why must past me be so cruel to now me?

1. Light bulb moments

Might as well lean into it and start looking up how to build a cabinet.

That’s all for now, but there will definitely be more soon. Twitter never stops to take a break, and neither do we. I mean, except for snacks. You gotta have snacks, obviously.

Who are the best people on Twitter right now, in your opinion?

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