When I was in school, I spent a lot of time looking at memes. I got scolded for it a lot. “You’re here to learn,” they’d say. “You can’t learn anything from memes.” But I disagreed then and I disagree now.

Here are fifteen lessons taken from randomly selected memes to prove my point.

15. Never give up

They HAD to have thought it was over.

14. You are not alone

No matter what your thing is, it’s a bunch of other peoples’ thing too.

13. You are what you eat

Look out for the warning signs early.

12. Privacy is important

Your smashed up bumper is none of my concern.

11. Get your eyes checked

Gotta keep that visual health up.

10. Man is dog’s best friend

They say that couples start to look like each other over time.

9. Looks can be deceiving

You are beauty and horror, together, at all times.

8. You’re always too loud

Literally everyone can hear every word you’re saying.

7. You gotta stay alert

Why does this sheep look like it wants to fight me?

6. Multitasking is essential

Consuming calories while you burn them is a great way to feel pointlessly productive.

5. Always come prepared

You never know when you’re in for a really hot time.

4. People are the worst

Best to just avoid the lot of them.

3. He’s been among us all along

Weird, cause in Infinity War, everybody else died for HIS sin.

2. Your career path will bring many questions

Decisions, decisions.

1. Keep it inside

You’re better off just screaming at your pillow.

See? There are lessons all over the place. You just gotta look closely enough.

What’s the number one thing that memes have taught you?

Tell us in the comments.