You smell that? We got some fresh out of the oven tweets for you here today. Home made and hot on the plate, just like Grandma used to make.

Savor each bite and enjoy these 14 new(ish) tweetly treats.

14. Let’s get physical

I looked at it for a solid 8 seconds before it clicked and now I feel stupid.

13. Attitude

A picture is worth at least a thousand words.

12. City slickers

Cool, so you know your way back out then?

11. At least you tried

Here, have some gym shorts for your face.

10. Growing older

Where’s all the wisdom that was supposed to come with this age?

9. Bottomless regret

That face when it’s noon and you’re already spent for the day.

8. Milky white

What we will and won’t put in our bodies is basically a crapshoot.

7. False dichotomy

Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

6. Quit your sass

Squidward is bitter because he knows in his heart he should have a better life.

5. Shut it down

Um, you sure? Cause I don’t think most states actually got the memo.

4. No peeping

If I need to write, delete, and repeat nine times before sending that’s my business.

3. Cat’s out of the bag

If you’re not about those felines how are you even living?

2. Let me get this straight

Is it weird that this is making me hungry?

1. Poor coverage

Well, I’m definitely getting mixed signals.

Absolutely deliciously delicious! Finally some good freakin’ internet food.

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