In the time it takes you to read this sentence, over 19,000 new Tumblr blogs will have been created. There are literally hundreds of billions of posts on the site, and at least three of them aren’t about Tom Hiddleston.

It’s such an amazingly huge and dense place to navigate that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer abundance of content that’s getting created by its user base every day. But inevitably, a select few bits float to the top and get shared far and wide, whether it’s because they’re funny or poignant or insightful or just plain weird.

Enjoy these 10 examples of times when the Humans of Tumblr just nailed it.

10. Needling away

Get off the train. NOW.

9. For shadows…

I should have seen this coming.

8. Something old, something new

Girl, the aliens gave up on us a long time ago.

7. Bitter about butter

Someone has entirely too much time on their very slippery hands.

6. Where’s my pizza?

This is the whole reason the internet exists.

5. Avatar

This fire lord is hot.

4. National treasure

Somebody get Nick Cage on the phone, we’ve got another sequel to make.

3. Think local

I, too, grow my own plants…

2. Simple fish

I’m convinced that if Dolphins had thumbs they would take over the world.

1. Expressing emotion

I’ve just realized that emoticons are obsolete and have been for some time and that I am old.

10 down, several billion to go. At least you’ve got some quality blogs to start with now!

What’s your favorite type of content on Tumblr?

Tell us about it in the comments.