In the modern era, Tumblr is sort of an oddity of the internet. It’s kind of a throwback. A relic, almost. It has the sort of quiet intimacy that used to thrive on sites like Xanga and LiveJournal, for instance.

And in an era when social media standardization and website-builder templates rule the majority of the web, Tumblr still has that odd charm of being infinitely, even obnoxiously, customizable, like MySpace was in its prime. In a time where nearly all social media feels performative, going to someone’s Tumblr page still sort of feels like walking into their bedroom. Reading their posts still feels a little like peeking into their personal journals.

All that is to say, it’s a unique place to hang out. It has a great vibe. And a pretty much endless string of amazing moments that get captured and passed around like folklore. Here are just a few such moments, gathered for your enjoyment.

10. The anarchist cookbook

Add garlic to taste.

9. Goblin trick

This idea totally rocks.

8. Comma commotion

It’s important, necessary, and vital.

7. Elon must you?

I didn’t realize this was true until just now.

6. Hopping mad

I would vote for any candidate running on this platform.

5. Never let go

You had more exciting math classes than I did.

4. You is what you is

Technology is truly amazing.

3. Toying with my feelings

That’s some pretty pure stuff right there.

2. A little rain never hurt anybody

…but a lot would.

1. I see what you did there

You know he does this routine at every house.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little sampling of the wonderful oddities of Tumblr. If you liked it, there’s certainly plenty more where that came from!

What’s your favorite Tumblr post/thread?

Tell us about it in the comments.