You know when you have a conversation so awkward that it just sticks in your mind forever?

I have plenty of those. Can’t recall a good chunk of my childhood – many joyous moments have been withered away by a subpar long-term memory in general – but my grey matter has done everything in its power to ensure that I will NEVER lose sight of what really matters; the embarrassing interactions that meant nothing but will haunt me to the end of my days.

Let’s celebrate that by reading the horror stories that others have to share.

10. Yee haw

To be fair, why are you greeting strangers in a bathroom?

9. Gonna have to pass

Good to know that our parents are so deeply involved in our lives.

8. A fresh take

As a person who knows nothing but also worked in a very upscale place, I can relate.

7. The proposal

Man, talk about salt in the wounds. And also probably on the table.

6. Interfaith dialogue

Kinda wholesome though if you think about it.

5. Do the wave

Sometimes the best solutions are the most drastic ones.

4. Silent waters

The age of social media is really something else.

3. Nothing but the tooth

We’ve been through a lot together, you and I.

2. Mic drop

If a girl did this to me I’d be intrigued, won’t lie.

1. Surgical precision

It’s no laughing matter, these things are life and death.

Man, gotta love how the internet has preserved these gems for all time.

What’s the most awkward encounter you can remember?

Tell us in the comments.