Isn’t it weird what the brain decides it’s gonna hold onto?

The vast majority of the facts and concepts that I put TREMENDOUS EFFORT into jamming into my brain during my years during school? Gone like the wind.

I studied Spanish for years. Got to the point where I was conversational. Now I can barely remember how to ask where a bathroom is.

But dumb stuff? Stuff that doesn’t matter? Like song lyrics, or awkward interactions you’ve had with strangers? That gets sealed away under your brain’s strongest lockbox for all time.

And then we share them with each other on Twitter for fun.

10. Not a game

If wishes were horses we’d have a lot more horses.

9. Follow the litre

I don’t think I’m breaking new ground when I say us Americans aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.

8. Total blank

Hey, it’s 5:00. AM, but still.

7. The anxiety

I’m sure this is the gist of the majority of the emails they get anyway.

6. Timing is everything

The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math.

5. The usual

I need to start doing this just to see what people will give me.

4. The test

Hey man, you walked right into that one.

3. The search is on

This is the true Turing test.

2. A class act

At that point, maybe college isn’t for you.

1. Dog gone

That weird feeling when you know you left something at home but you’re not sure what.

Locked away in the memory vault forever.

What’s your most awkward social encounter?

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