You know how most video games anymore have some sort of in-game currency, and after you’d played it for dozens and dozens of hours you’ve got so much of the stuff you don’t even know what to do with it, so you just start buying up every single item you come across even though you have no use or desire for it?

This list contains items so bizarre and off-putting, that even in that scenario, you’d probably pass on them.

Except they’re real. They truly exist in the actual world. God have mercy on us all. Especially the Reddit people who brought these to our attention.

10. The toaster and the hare

How is this sinister somehow? Like, why do I feel that rabbit is daring me to use him?

A rabbit toaster
byu/aLitBitLit inATBGE

9. Shrimp lens

I don’t even know how to come up with puns or wordplay or jokes about this.
Just. Why. Don’t?

That look when you forget to devein your glasses
byu/heluhowyalldun inATBGE

8. Hail Caesar

When you feel like the room just needs a little dressing.

Caesar Salad Chandelier
byu/bsterling inATBGE

7. Sofa king weird

Pretty uncomfortable actually. Little too stiff.

[deleted by user]
by inATBGE

6. Soldier on

Oh cool, a dystopian nightmare from which I can’t awake.

New loadout
byu/Kemiko_UK inATBGE

5. Ratatouille

Dinner is served.

Found at a local thrift store
byu/Horse_Staple_Battery inATBGE

4. This

You might want to lower your expectations.

This….just this….
byu/glg59 inATBGE

3. Neat knit

I’m pretty sure this is just a photo from one of the Rick & Morty parallel universes.

If you’re looking for a costume, well this ain’t knit.
byu/TheRookieGetsACookie inATBGE

2. Gotta hand it to ya

This is how you know you’ve got entirely too much money.

This chair
byu/NoelaniSpell inATBGE

1. The nose knows

When you’re hitting the beach at noon but you’ve got a masquerade ball at 1:00.

Eye nose glasses
byu/sugar-biscuits inATBGE

Yikes. Just. Yikes.

What’s the weirdest item you’ve seen around lately?

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