The dangerous thing about spending any time on the internet, or even just be represented there, is that the whole world is gonna get an opportunity to sling burns your way and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

The good news is that burns are also getting slung in other directions, and we all get to enjoy that part, which is what I plan on doing right now as I laugh along with these 10 great internet insults that we just had to share with you.

10. Getting Zuck’d

Hello fellow healthy human, please allow me entrance into the shelter abode.

My favourite rare insult of all time
by inrareinsults

9. Who lives in a pineapple?

If your favorite artist is Lil Pump, I don’t hate you, but I’ll also never understand you.

On a facebook post about Lil Pump and Eminem
byu/PingusDeathMachine inrareinsults

8. The countdown

I’ll give him this, he looks dang good for a guy in his 50’s. The goatee’s a little much, though.

He is going to need some ice , ice baby for that burn .
byu/chevesydolor inrareinsults

7. Bombardment!

This is information I didn’t know that I needed.

Kinda reminds me of the time in gym.
by inrareinsults

6. The nose knows

He’d probably be the first to agree with this statement.

Seriously it does look like that.
by inrareinsults

5. Body art

Is his belly supposed to be California? Is this a map?

On Adam Levine’s tattoos
byu/19jannew inrareinsults

4. The next king of late night

Well played, well played.

So sorry Jimmy
byu/BinBag041 inrareinsults

3. Can’t top that

On with her head!

I’m never wearing this again
byu/Joe_Black03 inrareinsults

2. Take a walk

Do you think she has a team of writers for these things? I mean it is a TV show, after all.

I love this woman
byu/astroboots inrareinsults

1. Quiet down, you

Hey, when you’re right, you’re right.

This kid has a future in roasting
byu/Depressed_Maniac inrareinsults

Now those are some quality burns right there. Better call the burn unit and invite them to…this…web page.

What’s the best burn you’ve seen lately?

Tell us in the comments.