If you, like me, have a cold, cold heart, you should come and warm yourself by the fire with these hot Twitter burns. Twitter is a strange place. If we’re not dunking on each other politically or philosophically, we’re trying to one-up each other with jokes. And that sounds cynical, because it is, but it’s also kind of a lot of fun.

Often times, a solid Twitter reply will gain so much heat that the person getting dunked on will erase the original tweet, but screenshots are forever. To be good-natured, we’ve covered up the screen names of any such deleted bits. After all, we can’t start taking Twitter too seriously.

10. Holy crap

(The original tweet came from a woman who maybe didn’t realize what she was walking into.)

9. Just jealous

My favorite thing about this Grinch account is that it was made when the movie came out and then just vanished.

8. Naming names

It’s almost like common names can be found in any region?

7. Shots fired

This is almost too brutal to laugh at. Almost.

6. Think outside the burn

Brands, BRANDS, you’re both pretty!

5. Flat out awful

Maybe you should just go away, Chris.

4. Deep dive

Don’t mess with a journalist, they’ll do their research.

3. Give him some space

This one is definitely in my top 8.

2. Stuck in the middle

Another “I have money and you don’t” burn that’s hard to be mad about.

1. Don’t cross me

This is a bridge too far.

Phew. It’s nice and toasty in here now.

What’s your favorite Twitter burn?

Share it with us in the comments.