This has been the year for “what can I do at home to keep myself busy?”

Some of us took up a new hobby, or got super into fitness, or embarrassed our ancestors by failing to make bread. Some of us just kept doing our jobs, but in our houses, and steadily grew to resent our own walls.

But a few people with the time, know-how, and materials, went a little above and beyond in their efforts to mentally escape confinement.

Ed Strid, a contractor who found himself with some extra time, was inspired by some photos he found online to build a tiny coffee shop in his own backyard. No surprise, the internet loved it.

It was first spread by his daughter Julianna via Twitter.

“My dad works full time as a contractor and this was his side project. He worked on it only after work and on the weekends.

He took pieces that were ‘trash’ from old jobs (the doors, materials to build the structure, the front window etc) and repurposed them to create his coffee shop.”

Working as a team of one in his spare time, it’s incredible that Ed pulled the whole thing off in only about 3 months.

He calls the shop “La Vida” and he’s proud AF about it.

It wasn’t long before media attention started pouring in, much to the delight of Ed.

Now Ed set up his own Instagram to show off pictures of the shop!

The inside features a chess board, and just outside is the ping pong table.

Check out this feature on the build!

These shelves would be the envy of any fine cafe.

No word on what he charges his customers.

Juliana uploaded a full tour if you’d like to see more!

I mean, I could totally build a coffee shop in my yard if I wanted to. I just don’t feel like it.

If you could build a little structure where you live, what would it be?

Tell us your ideas in the comments!