Hey there, my fellow guys. Ever find yourself in that weird head space when you’re attracted to someone, and then you find yourself scrutinizing every single thing you do because you aren’t sure if she finds it attractive or impressive or gross and you just go in mental circles forever?

Well, this oughta help! Or hurt! I honestly don’t know.

Reddit user baldski_is_jesus went onto r/AskReddit to get one burning question answered:

Girls of reddit, what is something many guys think is cool but is actually the opposite?
byu/baldski_is_jesus inAskReddit

There were well over 100 contributions. What can we learn from some of the top ones? Let’s find out.

1. Keep it clean.

Smoking. I hate smokers.

– Emilyyyeeet

2. No need to fight.

Being really masculine and talking about fighting.

Nothing turns me off more than a guy going on and on about how tough he is and how he’s gonna smash a guy out for no reason.

Is that supposed to be Attractive? Lol.

– Starsandlittlefish

3. Your body count is unimpressive.

Telling us about how many people you’ve been intimate with.

Like great you have had a lot of sex.

And that’s supposed to impress me how?

– jadenkayk

4. Open up.

Acting all disconnected and showing no emotion! That macho man sh*t doesn’t work!

It’s okay to be sensitive and talk about things and show emotions

– roble544

5. Literally nobody is wowed by your engine.

Loud cars/ motorcycles. My ex was super happy that he drove stick so he could rev his engine easier.

I hated driving with him when he did that. It’s not cool, it just makes you sound like an a**hole

– macton2

6. Calm down.

When the prompt on dating apps asks what are they competitive about and they say “everything”

– CosinesCosines

7. Don’t be a homophobe.

Equating anything considered “feminine” is “gay” on a guy.

If your manhood is threatened by someone wearing eyeliner.

I think you must be really immature and insecure.

– Kitchen_of_the_North

8. Stay humble; be human.

Talking about themselves all the time, bigging themselves up.

Doing that will only get you women who are shallow, insecure, and/or have other issues.

Emotionally healthy people want someone who can be honest, can listen, and is comfortable with who they are – flaws and all.

– survivalothefittest

9. Don’t send that pic.

Unsolicited d*ck pics. Seriously guys, not your best angle and doesn’t really do much for the majority of women.

Unless we ask to see the goods, don’t send them.

– CatsOverFlowers

10. If you know the opinion is gross, stop spreading it.

Playing “devil’s advocate” all the time as a cover for just being an a**hole.

– survivalothefittest

11. Maybe no more skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans. Those shrunken ones where they look like they are wearing their 12 year old sisters jeggings.

They make slim guys look emaciated and they make burly guys look like they can barely walk or sit down.

– YeahWTF20

12. Bigotry isn’t sexy.

Sexism and Racism. If some random stupid boy says the N word, he is suddenly the alpha for some reason.

If he says women are toys and only toys, same thing. Its stupid.

– [user deleted]

13. Consider the little things.

When there’s a big bug and they squish it, might just be me but I find it attractive when boys let bugs outside, better then having bug guts all over the wall

– danganronpahoee

14. Where’s all the spit coming from?

Spitting to the side, like not in a trashcan/sink??? I don’t understand.

– NightingaleY

15. Pick your battles.

Problems with authority or always being in a disagreement/fight with others.

I can’t stand that kind of pride and ego.

– Wafflesxbutter

Take note, fellas. And seriously, stop revving your stupid engines. Nobody likes it.

What would you add to this list?

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