Have you seen these burns? If you’re not a doctor, you may not want to, because they are SEVERE.

These are the kinds of burns that are gonna stick with you in a great way, because they’re so so mean and so so sweet to behold. The kinds of internet insults that the entire world wide web was probably created for in the first place, if we had to guess.

Enjoy these solid roasts and bask in the light of the flames.

11. We are the champions of the news

I’m also seeing a little bit of Jason Sudeikis in there but don’t tell him that, he seems like a nice guy.

10. That professorial look

“I find your lack of proper research disturbing.”

9. Change, change, change

Yeah you’re really on a roll with this one, thanks for that.

8. All in the funny family

Looks like you’re well on your way already, kid.

My daughter roasted me for fathers day. I couldn’t be more proud from funny

7. Fish in the sea

Turns out people look different after they’ve spent a bunch of time deliberately styling their hair and makeup. Who knew.

The ratio on this tweet is good, but the replies hidden by the OP were even better from rareinsults

6. That knowing post

Ok look, I came here for a good time.

Getting roasted by urban dictionary from memes

5. Give it away, now

It’s funny because we’re in enormous trouble.

Return to sender from rareinsults

4. Gotta work it

If you know a part time job that pays $50k a year, do let me know.

Only a few shekels from rareinsults

3. Kitten around

Man, Driver just can’t catch a break on this list can he?

They do look alike to be fair from rareinsults

2. Don’t sweat it

“Hey I know you’re struggling to survive a global crisis and everything is terrible but can you forgo one of the only comforts you have to satisfy my sense of superiority? Thanks.”

The best one from this thread from rareinsults

1. Baby, oh

And isn’t one of them Miley Cyrus?

Twins! Or is it triplets? from rareinsults

Well, I gotta go cool off. That’s enough burns for one day.

What’s the best roast you’ve been witness to lately?

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