In 2020 I got more into video games than I ever had previously. I’m sure you can probably guess why. But I’ve never experienced anything quite like the imaginative combinations in this Reddit thread:

What two videogames would make a great game combined?
byu/CasperdH_ inAskReddit

So what’s the next big AAA mashup? Let’s find out.

1. SuperPortal

Portal 2 and Superliminal.

The mechanics in each game combined would make it so much fun.

– Iwasonthelastbus

2. Need for Sim Speed

Car Mechanic Simulator and Need for Speed

always wanted a game where you can actually build your own car and drive it afterwards

– -starwing-

3. Skydown

Hunt: showdown and skyrim.

I can totally imagine a colonial fantastic game, with amazing gunplay where your proficiency with your weapon actually mean something while being on an open world map.

– Elgatee

4. Red Leader Redemption

Star Wars Battlefront + Red Dead Redemption.

I can’t believe they’ve only recently announced working on an open world SW game.

– QweefBurgler69

5. Hotline Viscera

Hotline Miami and Viscera Cleanup Detail.

You just play as a janitor in 80s Miami who has to clean up a bunch of brutal murder scenes.

– PhreedomPhighter

6. Stellar Civilization

civilisation and stellaris.

imagine playing for 4000 hours just to get to endgame

– Jeicam_

7. Company of Battles

Battlefield (or ARMA III) and Company of Heroes.

One player is the general, playing a typical RTS. But each of his units are actually players in an FPS. When he issues a move command, those players have a waypoint appear on their screen. If a player want grenades in their loadout, they send a request to the general player to unlock grenades in the tech tree.

It has huge potential to be amazing, and huge potential to be sh*t. Would be a fun experiment either way.

– lankymjc

8. No Man’s Titan

Titanfall and no mans sky.

Just using a giant flame mech to fight a giant laser dinosaur just would be so cool.

– Poedacat275

9. Grand Theft Simulator

Sims and GTA.

Like having the family and generation aspects of Sims whilst also having the murder, sex and crime of GTA with optional missions.

– Mid_July_Diamond16

10. Stardew Satisfaction

Satisfactory & Stardew Valley

I always wished the unmodded stardew game allowed me to automate EVERYTHING.

And satisfactory could use a little story

– Alright_Hamilton

11. FallEx

Fallout and Deus Ex – I love Fallout but I want more stealth and body augmentation… ok I just want Jensen’s arm blades and takedowns

‚ÄčAlternatively Fallout with anything stable and crash and bug free ;o)

– StickyTetanus

12. Breath of the Pokemon

Pokémon & Breath of the Wild.

I don’t know if it would be better with a trainer as the player character or a Pokemon as the character you play as, but just imagine a massive open world where you could stumble across all the pokemon & just attack on command (no turn based, slow paced combat), and you can collect all types of items to boost stats & concoct potions & antidotes & all that.

I can’t describe my whole vision because there’s just so much that could be done with a game like that, but just imagine it.

– pitymuch

13. Civilized War

Total War and Civilization.

Might not work for multiplayer, but as a single player marathon it would be beyond epic to battle throughout the eras

– Letter_Six

14. Age of Skyrim

Age of Empires and Skyrim.

You get to pick your faction(Nord, Imperial, Dunmer, etc) build a city state and go to war with other factions but you also get to take control of a character and participate in the battles.

– BatteryRock

15. Pure Evil

Untitled Goose Game and Bloodborne

– ErosLament

Seems like that last one would be in danger of getting slapped with the dreaded Adults Only rating. Might hurt sales.

What two video games would you combine if you could?

Tell us in the comments.