Pregnancy scares. Most of you probably got a shiver up your spine just reading those words. Whether it happens in the context of a one night stand or a dating relationship or a years-long marriage, anytime those words “I think I might be pregnant” come up within a context that doesn’t feel ready, everybody freezes.

The moment that comes next is really important, though. Are we going to keep our wits about us and carry forward? Orrr is the dude in this equation going to freak out and bounce?

It’s a very telling test of principal. And these anonymous stories have a lot to say on it.

10. “He told me last night…”

I promise you don’t know how this one is going to end.

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9. “He wanted nothing to do with the baby”

You’re not the one to be the father regardless.

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8. “He told me he’d leave”

That’s a horrible thing to say to someone.

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7. “Told my boyfriend out of respect”

Ouch indeed.

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6. “Then ghosted me”

That’s a good indication that it’s definitely time to walk away.

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5. “Told me straight to my face”

Hey, what a swell guy!

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4. “We can’t keep it”

He doesn’t get to make that unilateral decision.

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3. “Was I wrong?”


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2. “Never texted me again”

I’d think something along the lines of “Thanks for letting me know. You doing ok?” would have been more appropriate, but whatevs.

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1. “I wasn’t good enough”

Psshh, says him.

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Well, that’s disheartening. Fellas, do better.

Have you had any pregnancy scares?

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