The only thing more crushing than having a crush is when you get crushed by your crush after you reveal your feelings to them, which is probably why most of us don’t.

But that’s no way to live! You gotta get out there! You gotta take a chance! You gotta let the world know that you have a crush on this person!

…and then just see what happens, I guess. Like these anonymous people did. Let’s see how it went for them.

10. Success!

You love to hear about a happy ending.

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9. Just now

You’ve got yourself in quite the triangle there.

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8. A moving target

If she’s leaving what were you planning on doing about it?

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7. The drunken heart

How do you revisit that one in the cold light of day?

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6. Two words

His loss.

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5. The big answer

Not sure what to do with that but thanks.

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4. The jealousy

It’s not that I want you, it’s that I want to be the only person who’s desired around here.

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3. Responded in kind

And that is a kindness indeed.

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2. I said maybe…

…you’re gonna be the one that saves me…

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1. In the zone

Not as bad a sting as you thought it would be, huh?

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I’d say that all of these people, regardless of outcome, are crushin’ it.

When was the last time you confessed a crush? How did it go?

Tell us in the comments.