Birthdays are super fun when you’re a kid. Then a different kind of fun when you’re a young adult. And then at a certain point, they’re just a reminder that life is moving fast. And, in certain situations, maybe a reminder that you’re not quite surrounded by the people you thought you were.

Not everyone has the happiest of birthdays, as these anonymous confessions will attest.

10. “6 days away”

It’s a powerful urge, the urge to be seen.

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9. “I want to be alone”

I don’t need all of the hoopla, I just need to feel like I’m valued.

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8. “Birthday blues”

Funny just how many different names we can come up with to describe sadness.

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7. “How little I have accomplished”

It just gets scarier and scarier some years.

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6. “Like a zombie”

Great, now that Cranberries song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the night.

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5. “Just not the same”

It never is without the ones we care about.

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4. “No one knew”

Weird how our digital reminders are our entire brains now.

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3. “I don’t want to get old”

We all do, though. The lucky ones, at least.

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2. “I’d rather just drink”

Maybe you’re trying to steel yourself against some expected disappointment.

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1. “It breaks my soul”

Then just rip it out of the calendar?

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A happy birthday to us all, but more importantly, hopefully, just a happy life.

Do you get the birthday blues?

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