Having been involved in a few projects that have “gone viral,” I can tell you that it’s a really wild, short ride, and then you’re just kinda sitting there with your hair blown back for a while, preparing to occasionally get messages about it for the rest of your life.

But that’s not everyone’s experience, of course. Some bring something more – some bring things that are unwanted and last for far too long. Let’s have a look at a few tidbits from anonymous contributors who have experienced virality themselves.

10. The legacy

Weird how one goof off can become your identity forever.

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9. Sweet tats

What were the lyrics though? I wanna know.

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8. The big regret

It’s the price of fame, my guy. The price of fame.

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7. Deadly viral infection

There’s so much more to this story and I really need to hear it.

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6. The snitch

Oh no he didn’t.

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5. Split it up

If you get to share the stage with Beyonce that’s all you should ever need.

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4. All the work

You really don’t need to respond. Just let it be what it is.

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3. All that matters

It was my only goal in life and now I can die happy.

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2. Order in the court

I would have thought that just the act of being on television isn’t super covert but ok.

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1. Show me the fakes

They came right out of the woodwork, huh?

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Happy viraling to you all.

What’s the most viral thing you’ve been involved in?

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