“Viral” is really a hard thing to nail down a definition for. I mean, sure, we all understand that it means a thing that spread around a lot, but how of “a lot” before it reaches the point of viral? Is it thousands of views? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Over what period of time?

I suppose it’s more one of those “I don’t know how to describe it, but I know it when I see it” kind of things.

But what’s it like when it happens to YOU? Let’s see what these anonymous contributors had to say.

10. The kid

I recently saw an interview with the “Have You Ever Had a Dream” kid as an adult and it was trippy.

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9. Follow back

Ok but like…if you’re following THAT many people, are you really following anybody?

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8. No difference

In your life? Your mood? Your cause?

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7. Backfire

Well that oughta teach them a lesson.

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6. Ah, man

That’s crazy illegal. If someone does this to you and you know who it was, you have grounds for a lawsuit.

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5. Show yourself!

I wonder which one it was…

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4. It’s in the mail

This is how you use your powers for good.

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3. Popping the question

I think they were mostly just marveling at your incredible show of wealth.

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2. This just in

It really does take you aback for a minute.

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1. Stalking problems

There’s a price to fame. Even fleeting fame.

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Stay careful out there. Virality might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

What’s the most “viral” thing you’ve ever had a hand in?

Tell us in the comments.