At first I thought Tinder was just sort of a punchline, but over time people started to assure me that they’d met their partner/soulmate there, and I started to think “huh, maybe this thing is pretty neat after all.”

Then I started seeing all the memes and realized once again that it was, in fact, a punchline. Just take these Reddit screenshots for example.

14. The checklist

I wish you both the best of luck in finding the unicorns you seek.

I hate these apps.
byu/ROU_Misophist inTinder

13. Carry me home

Why are people even on this app.

I made a Tinder funny, how’d I do?
byu/Damsai_ inTinder

12. A classy time

Again, WHY are people on this app?

You get what you deserve
byu/7keletor inTinder

11. Desperation

“I meant um…that’s the name of your cologne, right?”

I’m in 😎
byu/FastAbsorbing inTinder

10. So close, so far

A picture really is worth a thousand words.

That’s a big L my friend
byu/beckyjenkinss inTinder

9. Train of thought

Get as far away from this man as you can.

How dare this man
by inTinder

8. Between jobs

Just say “freelancing.” If you don’t specify, most people won’t bother asking any more.

That hit me harder then this pandemic
byu/samitt12 inTinder

7. Goose egg

I’m pretty sure that means you’re just talking to a child.

Thief backfire
by inTinder

6. Copy and paste

I’m sorry, how is that cute?

[deleted by user]
by inTinder

5. A match made in heaven

Oh man. Don’t blow this with Jeff. Anyone but Jeff.

I think he’s gonna unmatch me soon
byu/tatswa inTinder

4. The pure bloods

Yeah this is creepy as all get out, don’t start a conversation like this.
Actually don’t middle or end a conversation like this either.

Things Hitler Would Say
by inTinder

3. Keep on truckin’

Why did the two of you match? WHY ARE PEOPLE ON THIS APP?!

Some dudes just be on here to project their insecurities
byu/E3-Owl inTinder

2. Time for a pick me up

Zero points for imagination there, bud.

I couldn’t resist
byu/paulcharlesdozsa inTinder

1. The irony is palpable

“Ah, by being rude after I was rude, you’ve proven my point that rudeness is bad.”

Spotted on Facebook. She may be onto something 🤔
byu/ihart6 inTinder

Now get out there and get swiping.

What’s your favorite thing about the dating world?

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