If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than r/Showerthoughts, a subreddit with a sort of perpetual prompt: give us something interesting to think about.

“‘Showerthought’ is a loose term that applies to the types of thoughts you might have while carrying out a routine task,” say the moderators, “like showering, driving, or daydreaming. At their best, showerthoughts are universally relatable and find the amusing/interesting within the mundane.”

Here are a few of the best from our reliable Redditors. Let’s become enlightened.

1. Priorities, people!

The drink list on a restaurant menu is never at the very front, despite it being the very first question asked at every restaurant.

– NopeyNope_the_5th

2. Self-training

Pavlov probably thought about feeding his dogs every time someone rang a bell.

– pyro925

3. Three, two, one…

The syllables in ‘on your mark, get set, go’ are a countdown.

– ManGood2002

4. Whoever collected the most wins!

Our whole life, we’re just gathering guests that’ll attend our funeral.

– DressedInMistakes

5. And there always will be

There is a number so big, no one has ever wrote it, said it, or even thought of it.

– matuman17

6. They’ll send him to a farm up-galaxy

If Wookies have a 400-year life span, then Han Solo is basically like Chewbacca’s third dog.

– BookerDeWittsCarbine –

7. Antique roadshow syndrome

Lots of random people own rare, valuable items without knowing it.

– iwastoldnottogohere

8. We all grow up

When you’re growing up as a kid, you don’t realize you’re also watching your mom and dad grow up.

– zjb55446

9. It’s all relative

We laugh when dogs get excited about hearing a bark on TV

But if TV was a nonstop stream of unintelligible noises and then someone suddenly spoke to you in your language, you’d be pretty f**king startled, too.

– Biles

10. Don’t think about it too hard

Gummy worms have more bones in them than actual worms.

– edgememeston

11. It’s electric!

Lamps in video games use real electricity.

– 1Ferrox

12. Style over substance

James Bond is always doing amazing feats in tailored suits.

It’s amazing to think of what he’d be able to accomplish in athletic wear designed for the specific extreme activity he was involved in.

– sirheyzeus55

13. Literary devices

If someone tells you a plot point for a story in advance, it’s a spoiler.

But if the author does it, it’s foreshadowing.

– givemethebat1

14. Had to think about this one for a second…

Almost everyone will go around the sun more times in their life than around the Earth.

– Haminthepaint

15. The problem of evil

Santa Claus knows exactly where all the evil people are in the world but doesn’t do anything about it.

– Katiari

16. The first shall be last

Being the last person to comment on something is actually a lot harder than being first.

– Raphael_Stormer

17. Locking mechanisms

Your password has probably locked you out more times than it has locked other people out.


18. Wha?

You can remember that you forgot something but you can’t remember what you forgot.

– Just_Strawberry7295

19. Can’t fast-travel

Anxiety is like when video game combat music is playing but you can’t find any enemies.

– Canadaba11

20. The real formula

You aren’t paid according to how hard you work; you are paid according to how hard your employer thinks you are to replace.

– Bismuth81

21. Honoring the fallen

Stan Lee’s funeral was a reverse cameo.

All the superheroes appeared in the background of his story.

– Adamb1403

22. To be in your shoes…

The tallest person in the world has physically experienced being the exact height of every other person in the world at some point.

– SilphRoadPokemon

23. You’re perpetuating the problem

People who respond with, ‘That’s not how the world works!’ when told to be nicer by others are the exact reason that that’s not how the world works.

– ObsoleteOcto

24. And man is it boring

Watching a graduation ceremony is essentially just sitting through a movie that’s entirely end credits.

– definitelyusername

25. You’ll need a cipher

Your thoughts might actually be in such a personalized, coded shorthand that even if someone COULD read your mind, they wouldn’t understand what the hell you’re thinking.

– jfi224

26. That’s the idea

Light bulbs were such a good idea that they became the symbol for a good idea.

– Frahmy12

27. Make lemonade

A lemon is not naturally occurring.

It’s a hybrid developed by crossbreeding a bitter orange and a citron.

So life never gave us lemons; we invented them ourselves.

– TripleRangeMerge

Deep thoughts, indeed.

What wisdom do you have to contribute?

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