When people talk about intimacy in a relationship, they’re usually referring to the steamy, sensual stuff. Which is weird, because the truth is, most of the intimacy that comes along with getting close to someone isn’t hot at all. A lot of it is just plain gross.

Because getting close to someone – warts and all – involves stuff like, yanno, warts. And oddly, you begin not to mind. Because that’s love. That’s real love. That’s the kind of intimacy nobody’s searching for, but that they all find eventually.

And then you take to the internet to tell strangers about it anonymously.

Warning: if you’re queasy, some of this is genuinely gag-worthy.

10. The ingrown hair

What greater love hath any man than this?

Source: Whisper

9. The towel boy

It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it.

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8. The peel

Oh man, it hurts so much just reading this.

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7. The pore

Well that’s…very nice for both of you.

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6. The zits

I’ll never understand why some people are fascinated by this kind of thing.

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5. The was

All the better to hear you with, my dear.

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4. The extra mile

Totally reasonable.

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3. You gonna finish that?

I’d freak all the way out if someone started doing this to me.

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2. The back

It’s kind, but it’s also such a hassle.

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1. Down there

Well now we’re crossing back into the hot territory.

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How do you know you’ve found true love? Probably when something like this happens.

What’s something weird you’ve done for your partner?

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