Everyone knows *that* couple.

The couple that’s on again and off again, often in dramatic style.

They go through cycles of temporary breakups, or as I like to call them, fake ups, but are quickly posting about their love again and then it all starts over.

In a dating scenario, this may be cause for eye rolls and uncertainty, but what about when the stakes are higher? What happens when you dip not in and out of dating, but in and out of marriage?

These people know, and they’re here to tell us about it.

10. A family affair

Sometimes the reason you’re not together isn’t your fault.

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9. Alone again, naturally

And what happens now?

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8. Shotgun wedding

But the second time’s the charm.

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7. Step back

Are we making progress or just running around?

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6. All different

Hey, you’re not wrong about that.

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5. For the kids

It’s never easy, but sometimes it’s worth fighting for.

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4. Worst mistake ever

Maybe all those Disney songs we grew up with lacked a bit of nuance.

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3. There’s a lot here

“It makes me sad.”

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2. To be honest…

The truth comes out eventually.

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1. In the name of the father, the son…

And the holy crap.

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I guess sometimes it’s gonna work out, other times it’s a disaster. People are all different, there’s no one-size-fits all.

Have you ever been in an on again/off again situation?

Tell us about it in the comments.