You know the bro code, bro? The codes between bros? Where the bros got code so the bros can cope with bro stuff?

You gotta respect the code. Otherwise, we won’t be bros. And what’s a bro code without a bro, bro? It’s just a code. To a secret. That nobody wants to here. Bruh.

If you need further illustration, here are 15 times the bro code was most definitely violated, according to these anonymous bro contributors.

15. “Didn’t even work out.”

And now you’ve got nobody. Congratulations, you just played yourself.

Source: Whisper

14. “I told her…”

Why would you go and do me like that?

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13. “He cheated on her”

Yeah that just sounds like a mess honestly.

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12. “It’s worth it”

Only time is going to tell, brosef.

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11. “She’s mom”

Yeah I’m not sure that’s part of the code as I understand it.

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10. “He broke me”

Codes aren’t just for video games.

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9. “It’s complicated”

What a cute pet name!

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8. “Respect women”

Again, I don’t know why hiding someone’s cheating is supposed to be admirable?

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7. “I told him”

And what does he do with that information?

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6. “Told my gf”

Ok, that’s just some dumb tattle nonsense right there.

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5. “Just so he could try and steal her”

Dang son, that’s a sneaky little snake.

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4. “He hates me now”

You win some, you lose some.

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3. “Just because he could”

Weird way to keep your place in the hierarchy.

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2. “Never told him”

Is that why you’re in jail now?

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1. “With my disapproval”


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Respect the code, bro. Sometimes. Maybe.

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