According to, some of if not *the most* expensive lingerie in the world is the Susan Rosen Diamond Bikini that goes for $30 million dollars.

Now, if you going by the picture (which I’m pretty sure I can’t even show you here) not to mention the title itself, it’s pretty clear that distinction between lingerie and swimwear is a bit blurred. On the one hand, it doesn’t exactly look like underwear, but on the other hand, it’s hard to imagine wearing it to a pool either. It’s more like something you might see at the world’s priciest burlesque show. So if that’s your thing, go pick up a pair.

But whether your lingerie budget is 30 million or just 30, trying to buy some is certainly an adventure, as these anonymous contributors will attest.

10. “I am addicted”

Like…just that? On its own?

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9. “Nothing is more discouraging”

He’s not embarrassed by you, he’s worried people in the store will think he’s a creep just for being there.

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8. “In the middle of the shop”

Well how else is he supposed to do it?

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7. “From the mall”


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6. “I was too big”

“There is a difference.”

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5. “Is it bad?”

Nah, not in the least. You do you.

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4. “I just request pics”

Interesting hobby but ok.

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3. “The wonders”

And there are far more to behold.

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2. “Hit on”

He really sounds like a keeper.

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1. “I was butt naked”

But what about the rest of you?

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I just checked my own budget and I’ve got a handful of laundry quarters. What will that get me, I wonder…

What’s the most you’d be willing to spend on some nice lingerie, for you or someone else?

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