I love pizza rolls. When I came in second place at an out-of-state competition in college, I celebrated/consoled myself with a 90-piece bag of pizza rolls. I was once in a pizza roll commercial where we were told several times that we needed to be comfortable eating pizza rolls on camera, and yet, we never got to. I was severely disappointed. These are both completely true stories.

That’s why it warms my heart so much that pizza rolls, and their preparation technique, have gained an entire sub-genre of memes. Here are a few examples to enjoy, maybe with a snack.

10. Beauty takes time

9. The hierarchy

8. Go the extra mile

7. Why are so many of these Spongebob related?

6. My disappointment is non-existent and my day is saved

5. Even Gordon Ramsey would have nothing to say

4. Drake & bake

3. It’s big brain time

2. I will never financially recover from this


1. All gone

Via: me.me

Hate to stop when I’m on a roll like that, but I need to go get something out of my freezer and into my oven now.

What’s the absolute best flavor/preparation technique for pizza rolls?

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