Memes are the best. There’s really not a day so bad that it can’t be improved at least a little bit by a solid meme. But who’s got time to hunt them all down? No worries, you lovely, lazy, soul. We’ve got a collection right here.

Sit back. Scroll down. Enjoy these 15 thoroughly random memes.

15. We got a 23-19!

14. Good boi of the year

13. Tell Lexi I love her

12. Cat-itude

11. That’s one way to do it

10. If you’ve got time to lean…

9. Thank you for your service

8. Taste the rainbow

7. Fly, you fool

6. Tag yourself, I’m fire gator

5. Still too close together

4. But I read it on the internet

3. It’s a cera-bration

2. I for one welcome our merciful feline overlords

1. I don’t like the “w” in “wfh”

Feel free to go back through and look at them all again, if you want. It’s a free internet, after all.

Where do you go to get the best memes?

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