Many people believe that the human body is a carefully, lovingly, perfectly created thing, crafted by a God who loves us and wants us to be happy. Personally, I have my doubts. Partially because I’m not real religious, but partially because WHY WOULD ANYONE DESIGN A BODY TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH PERIODS EVERY MONTH?!

Honestly, what kind of monster would unleash this kind of hell on half the population? I’m not even IN that half and I’m upset. So are these people who tweeted on the subject, though they’re funnier about it than I am.

10. It’s a sign

False alarm, ya’ll. Carry on.

9. Glow up

This picture is tied for first in the “most terrifying Furby” competition. It is tied with all other Furbies.

8. Pill popping


7. RIP vine

This is an absolutely perfect reference and I stan for it.

6. Going out on a limb

It’s the subtle signs you learn to look out for.

5. Immobile

Even an Asgardian god would have trouble with it.

4. Fashionably late

Well look who finally decided to show up.

3. Transformation

My how the turntables have…

2. Witchcraft

Keeping the magic alive.

1. Ride or die

I need to know the original context for this screenshot. I need to know very badly.

Look, I think our bodies are cool and all, we’ve got like, thumbs, and eyes, and these super great brains, but I think if we could give notes for the next revision, very near the top would be “HOW ABOUT NO MORE PERIODS PLEASE.” Not telling you how to do you job, God, but. Come on.

What’s the worst thing about it in your opinion?

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