People are complicated, and so are the reasons they fall in love…and the reasons they fall apart. As we age, most of us learn the hard way that trying to maintain a relationship with someone who doesn’t put your feelings, needs, or safety first isn’t worth the time.

But we learn those lessons because once upon a time we, too, waited way too long to leave.

These 10 people are ready to confess the reasons they stay in relationships they know in their heart aren’t good at all.

10. Believe me, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

9. I wonder if they feel bad for themselves or the other party.

8. Then take some time alone to fix yourself.

7. I suspect that’s exactly the way she wants it.

6. That all sounds supremely unhealthy.

5. What about your own heart, though?

4. I’m sorry to say that probably won’t work forever.

3. Practice makes perfect.

2. Those are just scr*ps.

1. You have to get out.

I hope all of these people find their 10 seconds of courage – and the door – sooner rather than later!

Have you been scared to leave a relationship? What made you finally do it – or have you?

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