I grew up in the Midwest, which means that aside from some chain Mexican and Italian restaurants and the occasional Chinese buffet, my food palate wasn’t exactly international growing up.

The differences between food and how they’re attached to different cultures is fascinating to me still today, and this Tumblr thread takes a really interesting deep-dive into the topic that’s just plain fun to read.

If you ask me.

But you don’t have to take my word for it

First up, American food. If that’s a thing.

Then, we jump on the French…but it is true, before moving on to the Italians.

And Indian food is delicious.

The Irish are my long-ago people, and I do love me some potatoes.

Poles know this is the only way to bake.

Jewish flavors are so interesting!

Ukrainian (though I think this applies to EVERY recipe that calls for garlic!).

This take on Chinese cuisine made me laugh.

Please stop telling your stupid story about your stupid life and TELL ME THE RECIPE.

English food is blech. IMHO of course (and excluding the fish and chips).

I could get on board with Dutch food, obvs.

If it has cheese, I’ll track it down.

This just reminds me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Even I could do that.

Oh my goodness this seems like my jam.

Nothing a good charcoal can’t solve!

This is true about every handed-down recipe sorry.

No one appreciates the trouble that went into it!

I call that a holy combination!

There are still so many things I want to try!

What’s your favorite international cuisine? How has your own cultural background shaped your food preferences?

I want to hear all about it in the comments!