Everyone wants to talk about the rosy, hopeful days of early romance. Those glowing moments, the butterflies, the firsts, and the falling – but since a majority of relationships in our lives won’t work out in the end, most of us will fall¬†out of love just as many times.

It’s not as romantic, but I think it’s important to talk about – because the alternative is not facing up to it and staying too long, which is its own sort of tragedy.

These 10 people are ready and willing to describe what those moments were like for them, so let’s check it out!

10. Things are much more complicated than they seem.

Sometimes, neither party is happy anymore.

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9. Relationships aren’t static.

You have to keep working on them if you want them to last.

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8. At least they broke up.

Cheating would be bigger a$$hole move.

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7. People that say it’s easy haven’t been there.

It’e never easy to walk away from what you thought your life would look like.

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6. Never mess with a mama.

They will (or shouldn’t) ever choose a partner over their baby.

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5. It takes super strength to put yourself first.

For some people. For others, it comes naturally.

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4. Being partners is so important.

You have to be able to depend on each other.

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3. That’s the kind of thing that can tear you apart.

The decisions are hard and the fallout can be harder.

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2. I want to give this girl a high five.

Ten to one things would have gotten worse.

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1. People change.

You’ve got to be willing to call it quits if they change in a way that doesn’t sit right.

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You’ve gotta know when it’s time to get out. It’s as important as getting in, really.

Tell us about a moment you realized you weren’t in love anymore? Our comments are open!