Growing up, many of us were presented with visions of romantic relationships that seemed cartoonishly simple. As we grow up, we find ourselves inevitably in situations where our bond with our significant other seems anything but straightforward, even when it looks that way from the outside.

For some, the structure of the relationship itself is complex, and maybe even off-putting to others. What’s it like to find yourself in that situation? Here are submissions from 10 anonymous people to tell us all about it.

10. “Tradition”

Sounds like a dom/sub relationship but OK.

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9. Opposites…attract?

There is a lot to dive into here.

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8. “It’s complicated”

That particular Facebook relationship designation was created for you.

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7. Lots of fish in the sea

That’s a lot of words for “we’re polyamorous” but good for you!

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6. Three’s company

Had to read this a few times.

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5. Three’s company too

This reminds me of the April Ludgate bit from Parks & Rec.

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4. Realistic expectations

“Me and my boyfriend get each other.”

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3. Change in status

Sounds like you made the right call, then.

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2. Driven

There’s a whole book to be written here.

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1. Fake up

Everybody knows this couple, right?

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Relationships are definitely complicated; even the seemingly simple ones. It’s easy to cock our heads at anything that doesn’t fit the mold we’re used to, but at the end of the day, everybody’s just doing the best they can and trying to figure out what works for them.

Have you ever been in a complicated relationship? What was it like?

Tell us in the comments.