Call me a romantic, but I don’t think most people go into their marriage thinking they’ll one day get divorced. We know it happens, of course, and some people are more open to the idea than others, but still – we hope we’ve chosen well and we’ll turn out to be the lucky ones.

No matter how common (and often healthy) moving on from a bad relationship is, though, there will always be people who are uncomfortable with it. And what happens when people are uncomfortable with something?

They have no idea what to say and stick their foot in their mouth, of course!

Which is exactly the experience these 10 people had when they started telling people their marriage was over.

10. That’s not an appropriate response.

It’s actually pretty darn icky if you ask me.

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9. I feel like there has to be more to this story.

It feels like a very personal reaction to an event that doesn’t affect your life.

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8. That’s uplifting.

Exactly what I wanted to hear, Mom, thanks.

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7. No one wants to hear this, literally ever.

Let’s all make a pact to stop saying it, yeah?

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6. We actually already tried that.

We’re not announcing this to family on a whim, people.

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5. What is your point?

I don’t think one marriage is going to make or break things, but also, don’t factor that in to your decision.

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4. Surprise, you’re not the first to know.

This has been going on for a while (also, how DARE he).

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3. Good to know what she thinks of you.

This is just ugly, y’all.

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2. What does age have to do with anything?

A crappy life event is still a crappy life event, yeah?

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1. I mean, that’s not the worst thing a person could say.

At least it’s complimentary (of you).

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You have to give people a break, I guess. Some of us just aren’t that great with like, feelings and stuff.

Have you ever reacted badly to a friend’s news? Tell us what you said in the comments!