Giving birth is something millions of women will do, and all of them have unique experiences both before, during, and after birth. There is one thing that’s universally true, though – you are changed forever, and that includes the skin you live in.

Even if you lose the weight, your body will¬†feel different, and maybe look different, too, and of course there’s no guarantee you’ll ever see that pre-pregnancy weight again.

If you’re curious where your experience falls on the spectrum or are wondering what’s in store for you after baby, these 10 women are getting real about their postpartum bodies.

10. This makes me so sad.

Birth is supposed to be a new beginning.

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9. There’s no guarantee which way your weight will go.

And either way could make you feel like you don’t know yourself anymore.

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8. It takes time.

Sometimes a lot more time than any of us would like.

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7. A lot of women probably fall into this category.

We’re all faking it until we make it, but what if we never do?

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6. What is “normal?”

My guess is that means something different to everyone, too.

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5. Everything changes so much, so fast.

It’s understandable that we have a lot of feelings about it.

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4. The feelings are pretty complicated.

But I mean, welcome to motherhood.

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3. He probably (hopefully) doesn’t feel the same.

Make sure to talk to your partner about how you feel.

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2. That is important to remember.

Hard some days, but important.

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1. Your body also did exactly what you asked it to do.

Remember to celebrate your healthy pregnancies!

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See what I mean? These run the gamut, so you’ve got to be able to roll with whatever punches life throws your way.

How did you feel about your postpartum body? Are you still struggling? Have you learned to celebrate it? We want to hear your story in the comments