Breaking up is hard. No matter the circumstances, it can cause you to act out emotionally and do some stuff you may regret later. The kind of stuff that’s going to play over and over in your mind as you’re trying to sleep because our brains are horrible pranksters like that who hold onto our most embarrassing moments like they’re some kind of highlight reel.

These people can recall the crazy thing they did after a break up that they really wish they didn’t do today.

And from words they can’t take back to items they’ve caused damage to, these confessions will leave you cringing.

10. Um, hello?

Is it me you’re looking for?

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9. The drunk dial

Buckle up, there’s gonna be a lot of these.

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8. The tapes

See what we mean?

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7. Getting clingy

It happens to the best of us, and the rest of us.

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6. The cheat

Regrets on regrets on regrets.

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5. Very upsetting

People are gonna talk, you know.

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4. The freak out

What pushes us to be this way?

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3. The big test

Well that’s um…sociopathic?

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2. A weaker state

Oh, just give him a nickname and it’ll slowly stick.

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1. Depression hole

We all fall in.

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The cringe is very strong with these, that’s for sure.

Have you ever gone through a breakup? Have a story to share?

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