There might be nothing worse than realizing that the person you’re with doesn’t even really want to be with you.

It doesn’t always end explosively, of course. Sometimes the matter can be amicable and people can just move on.

But at least as often as not, it’s really devastating, especially at the hands of someone who is apparently heartless, even though they had your heart.

This Twitter thread kicked off a long list of such instances, and boy is it a tough read.

Here are just a few of the stories.

10. The Valentine’s Day Massacre

Don’t know if you can really send a more clear signal than that, my guy.

9. The Non-Apology

I guess that’s a kind of honesty?

8. The Easter Power Move

That feels like it should be a joke, but apparently it’s not.

7. The Renter

That’s about the epitome of ingratitude right there.

6. Half Stranded

I feel like offering to help is something you do for ANYONE in this situation.

5. Happy Anniversary

That’s not much of a gift.

4. The Joke

Yeah, that’s not what that is. That’s horrible.

3. The Writer

Why so critical? That’s a heck of an accomplishment.

2. The Stroke

He didn’t bother to call around?

1. The Control Freak

All red flags.

Yikes. Good on you getting away, sorry you all had to experience that.

Have you had a moment like this?

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