Today we’ve got some tweets that are gonna bring a smile to your noggin.

Now, we’re not sure what that means, nor if it’s ever been said before, but we’re so confident that it’s going to happen that if it doesn’t, we’ll give your money back.

Which would be a heck of a feat considering you didn’t pay to look at this and also I don’t know how to prove such a thing, but the point is we stand by what we do.

Enjoy the tweets and smile big.

15. The fair comparison

*Me sitting with a beer resting on my gut*
“I could totally do that.”

14. The pile

It’s like a comfort animal, you wouldn’t understand.

13. Raggedy Ann

That is the look of a cat who has been betrayed.

12. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide-from-everybody

Inside of me there are two wolves. One of them has severe social anxiety.

11. Time to emote

This is a fascinating little Rorschach test, huh?

10. Retail therapy

See I tried that but it turns out that losing $400 is something upsetting so it’s kind of an endless cycle.

9. A century ago

Son, you and I were born in different MILLENIA.

8. The love languages

Anything to see that smile. That dang little smile.

7. Feeling secure

If you were to be any four-digit pin number, what would you be?

6. A fantasy world

That was a little bit shoot-for-the-stars, wasn’t it?

5. Road work ahead?

The vine will survive.

4. Out of my league

It’s called lettin’ someone down easy.

3. Schrodinger’s comedian

Oh look, it’s every edgelord on the internet.

2. Count on me

I can save you a lot of time there, card shark.

1. Cross-legged

Can you hold it for just another minute?

Smiles accomplished.

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