It’s hard to know what to do when you find yourself angry with the ones that you love. That kind of emotion can build up something fierce, but you don’t want to allow it to poison you, and you certainly don’t want to make things more miserable.

Some people say that when you’re upset with your partner you should “talk to them” and “tell them what you’re upset about and why” so that the two of you can “come to a better understanding” and “remain in a healthy relationship.”

But come on. Talking? Flapping my lips around? Choosing a bunch of words? Who’s got the time or the energy? Twitter has some much more elegant solutions.

10. Live, laugh, love

That last one actually took me a second.

9. Donut unto others

It’s an all-out war of mild inconvenience.

8. Spider spied her

As an arachnophobe, this would be grounds for me moving out.

7. Turn up the heat

*Dad reflexes intensify*

6. Cheers for beers

Wait, this is the same account as the last one?
Are ya’ll ok?

5. Chip off the old block

You’re a monster, go to jail.

4. Vial actions

Joke’s on you, it’ll never get off of you either.

3. Mad vs mad

Honestly I can’t even throw stones because I’ve been in this position before.

2. Cat and mouse

A solid, classic prank for any occasion.

1. Pajama party

Why do they even make those?

Hope you’ve got some fun new conflict resolution ideas now.

What’s the pettiest thing you’ve done in a relationship?

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