Have you failed at something lately? But in a way that sort of felt like a win in how unique it was?

It’s a hard feeling to describe – I’m sure the Germans have a word for it, but we English speakers have to rely on just providing examples.

Examples like these fourteen tweets, which all feature a glorious failure of their own.

14. This amatuer historian-detective

That is a VERY dad thing to say.


13. This unfortunate wording

Take a look, it’s in a book…

12. This clueless flier

And that right there is why we’re in this mess.

11. This unfortunate beach victim

That’s the time out corner for you.

10. This time traveling shopper

These are all time-stamped for the same minute, you did NOT think this through.

9. This use of creative license

I wonder how long it was before this was caught.

8. This unfortunately telling meme

You should probably sit the next couple of rounds out, bud.


7. This family betrayal

Dang son, what did she do?


6. This drunk text

We always return to the ones we love most.

5. This lost connection

I thought I meant something to you.

4. This misunderstanding

We’ve all been there.

3. This misworded headline

…or was it?

2. This creative candy endeavour

Bon apple teeth.

1. This atrociously unique apartment layout

This has got to be one of the least efficient uses of space I can imagine.

If we are to fail, let us fail memorably. For then, we have truly won.

What’s been your biggest fail recently?

Tell us in the comments.