One of the big draws of Twitter is that it’s a place where you can directly interact with celebrities.

I feel like almost everyone I know who’s at all active on the site has had a moment or two where they get a reply or a retweet or a like from a celeb they admire and it absolutely makes their day.

On a less wholesome level, of course, you can also just use it to rip into random famous people and know that they may actually see it.

Which is also kind of fun. Take it away, Twitter, you glorious jerks.

10. Lil Pump

This sounds like a repurposed “yo mama” joke but I’ll allow it.

9. Ja Rule

He’s gotta head up and prep the next Fyre Festival.

8. Justin Bieber

What a long strange road it’s been for him.

7. Gronk

Pull the level, Gronk!

6. Roby Maguire

With great power comes great responsibility.

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live / ABC

5. Emma Stone

Is that why you’re addicted?

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live / ABC

4. Drake

That’s very imaginative.

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live / ABC

3. Billie Eilish


Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live / ABC

2. David Blaine

It’s his form of hypnosis, he’s a magician.

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live / ABC

1. Maisie Williams

Do you mean she seems sweet? Because agreed.

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live / ABC

Keep using those burn powers for good, Twitter. Or evil, whatever, it’s all entertaining.

What’s your best celebrity burn?

Try and come up with your best shot and hit us with it in the comments.