To quote Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “Words, words, words.”

That’s right, the greatest writer of all time at one point just kinda gave up and started listing the word “word” a bunch of times, and there are probably several thousand theatre and literature students who have written entire dissertations on it at this point.

But we can’t all be genius wordsmiths like The Bard. Some of us have to struggle to find the...yanno, thingy. The mouth noise. For saying.

Look at these post whatevers, you’ll see what I mean.

10. Give me some space

I’m sorry but this is far more valuable than a legit shirt in my opinion.

9. Niece or Nauce

If there were any justice in the English language you’d be spot on.

8. Shiny crumb

Isn’t that that Jabba the Hutt’s little pet muppet?

7. Vroom vroom juice

Both entirely too adorable.

6. Arm hinge

Hey, man, whatever works.

5. The personal touch

Well, I now know what I’m gifting everyone forever.

4. Salutations!

I think it’s fine if we just leave that one forgotten.

3. Oh the humanity!

Well they’re not wrong.

2. Water hungry

And not a drop to drink.

1. Getting all revved up

Kids these days got their minds so far in the gutter they don’t even know what to make of a pumpkin.—what/98392239006

If you forget a word sometime soon, no worries. It happens to all of us. And it’s hilarious.

Do you have an example of this to share?

Stick it in the comment…area. Yanno, with the eyes. That we look. For letter parsing.